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ALAN HAYDEN designs and makes high quality leather wallets and bags using traditional artisan techniques and Italian leather. Personalise with your name to make unique and special.

The story started when I couldn’t find the perfect bag for my trip. I wanted a lovely leather flight bag with metal details and personalised with my name. I searched all the main stores in London and couldn’t find it. I was really frustrated so I decided to make my own. The Christian flight bag was born with it’s unique solid silver hardware.

I took it to meetings and people would ask me where I got it from. When I said I designed it they said they would like me to design something for them. Over the years I’ve designed for customers leather wallets, bags, purses, folders, iPad cases, iPhone cases and Macbook Air cases. Most customers liked their products personalised with their name.

I  learned to how create high quality leather bags and wallets by visiting workshops and talking to artisans.

I love designing and creating products which are beautiful, timeless and elegant.


ALAN HAYDEN Christian Leather Flight Bag-1

ALAN HAYDEN Christian Leather Flight Bag


Alan Hayden

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