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AH001 Billfold Wallet in Black Italian Leather & Soft Red Suede
AH001 Billfold Wallet in Black Italian Leather & Soft Red Suede

ALAN HAYDEN AH001 Billfold Wallet Black Vintage Italian Leather and Red Suede Artisan Made in London in England Personalise Monogram

Get an in-depth look at AH001 wallet.

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AH001 leather billfold wallet is a high quality wallet. It’s made using traditional artisan techniques by one person in 7 hours in a workshop in London in England.

It’s 2 – 5mm thin. We achieve this using splitting and skiving techniques.

Practical because it has 8 card pockets, a note pocket and two receipts pockets.

32 components inside including suede, strengtheners and threads.

To make the AH001 wallet we created a master pattern, a making pattern and a cutting pattern. The pattern is made from 20 pieces of thick card. An accurate pattern is essential to create a high quality wallet.

The leather hides are examined by Alan Hayden himself. Only the finest Italian leather is selected for your AH001 wallet.

Inside your AH001 wallet a security code tells us the date and location it was made, and the name of the artisan who made it. This proves your wallet is authentic.

The Teck Pack is a visual representation of the AH001 wallet and is made up of 8 pages. It gives the dimensions, quality and finish of the wallet. A detailed Tech Pack is key to achieving a high quality wallet.

Alan Hayden developed a special new technique to put our logo on a leather inlay discreetly inside the notes pocket. We created bespoke metal clicking press cutting knives to achieve high quality edge to edge finish. The logo is stamped three times using 231/3 carat gold foil to achieve a high quality finish. The result is a discreetly placed logo in beautiful gold foil.

The leather on the edges of the AH001 wallet is turned onto zinc templates. It’s then trimmed carefully with a scalpel to give the straight edge of the turnovers.

The edge of the leather card pockets are scored using a hot creasing iron. This creates a sharp finishing line that draws your eye.

Alan Hayden increased the height of the wallet by 2mm to achieve a high quality finish on the top stitching.

The fine Italian leather comes from family run businesses in Italy.

Personalise / Monogram. 

Adding your name or initials makes your AH1 wallet personalised and unique. Great for special gifts.

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Lena Tote Trapeze
Lena Tote Trapeze

The classic Lena tote now in a trapeze shape by ALAN HAYDEN. The story behind the original Lena tote is Lena asked Alan to make her an elegant and practical tote with a minimal shape. It needed to be something she could wear to client meetings and evening cocktail receptions.

This new trapeze shaped Lena tote has soft cow hair and black leather details. There is red lining and large inside pocket with metal zipper, detachable adjustable shoulder strap. It has a magnet clasp to close at the top. The tote has a luxury look and feel. It comes with a USB battery pack to charge your phone or tablet.

This quality tote is practical enough to take you through your working day and evening.

Made in London.

Personalise your bag with your name to make it unique. Great gift idea.

Personalise / Monogram
Personalise / Monogram

You can personalise your product to make it unique and special. Add your name or initials. Great as a gift idea.

Your choice of 4 letters in gold, silver or clear.

Your personalised engraving is important to us and we take time and pay attention to the details. We want to get it just right for you. Our special embossing is done by skilled artisans in London in England and the process takes 4 days.

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